No Browser for Old MQL4er?

Fintechee now supports MQL4-based programs. They NEVER stop maintaining.

  • MQL4-based programs can run on the WEB browser
  • Built-In FIX API connectivity
  • Multi-accounts simultaneously

Fintechee Best Forex Trading Platform

No Jobs for Old MQL4er?

MQL4WEB dashboard

No Worries! You can keep on doing your old jobs.

  • Find your MQL4-related jobs here
  • Sell your MQL4-based programs here
  • Build your MQL4-based community here

No Broker for Old MQL4er?

Fintechee has 20+liquidity providers that have successfully integrated with. You are never alone!

  • LMAX Exchange
  • ATC Brokers
  • Scope Markets
  • Exante
  • ……
Fintechee liquidity providers

No Recoding for Old MQL4er?

Fintechee FIX API WEB-based Trading Platform

No, Almost no need to recode your old MQL4-based programs. You just need to re-define your data structure and make your old source codes compiled.

All that you need to modify depend on how many external variables there are in one program.

Averagely, you just need to code less than 10 lines.